tips to create a bond with your pre-teen and teenstips to create a bond with your pre-teen and teens

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tips to create a bond with your pre-teen and teens

How well does your family communicate? Do you have pre-teens or teenagers in the home that seem to be pulling away from you? I was going through some difficult times with my oldest daughter, who was 13 at the time. She was secluding herself from the family, and it seemed to be a sign that there was something more going on with her. I decided that it was time for the entire family to begin seeing a relationship counselor. We learned so many things that helped us recreate the relationship that we had when the kids were younger. Find out about the tools we were given and tips to create a strong bond with your pre-teens and teens.

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A Closer Look At Three Sex Therapy Practices

Sex therapy is not something that people should be ashamed of. Problems with sex can cause problems for relationships. Getting help is an important part of keeping the relationship strong. Many people don't understand what sex therapy does or how it helps

Here is a closer look at three sex therapy processes:

Sensate Focusing

Many problems with sex are psychological instead of physical. Performance anxiety can cause impotence. Sensate focusing helps couples to become comfortable with each other's bodies. It removes the obsession with reaching orgasm and helps couples find the sensuality of sex. It often requires touching each other without touching genitals. The couple gradually works towards touching the genitals. The couples guide each other and tell each other when a touch feels good. By getting to know each other in this, the anxiety disappears.


When the problem is physical then medication is often prescribed. Erectile dysfunction can be psychological or physical. Physical problems that cause erectile dysfunction include diabetes, multiple sclerosis, aging, and smoking. It is often treated with medications such as Viagra. Menopause will also cause sex problems and can be helped with hormone therapy.

There are also physical ways to help with sex problems that don't involve medication. Some women have vaginismus, which is when the vagina spasms during penetration causing severe pain. The woman can use dilators to help stretch the tissue or practice Kegel exercises.

Sexual Surrogate

A sexual surrogate is someone who helps a person or a couple deal with sex problems. It is different from a sex therapist that talks with the patients and prescribes medication. The surrogate will perform intimate acts with the patients. This might include intimate touching or even full sexual acts. The idea is to help the patient by doing instead of just talking. It helps to give the patient confidence and to talk about problems without being embarrassed doing the same with a loved one.

A sexual surrogate isn't for everyone. Your sex therapist will not make you use a surrogate. You can opt to have one if you feel it will help with your treatment. Your therapist and surrogate work together as a team to help resolve problems.

If you decide to choose sex therapy to help, you might consider all three of these sex therapy processes. You might only need a therapist to help you talk with your loved one. No matter what you choose, never feel embarrassed by asking for help. Resolving sex problems is important to happy relationships. To learn more, contact Meiers Gary J Hammond/Meiers J A & Associates Ltd marriage couseling